Dress shopping: Omaha Edition

I will be embarking on my second dress shopping excursion in approximately 47 minutes and 39 seconds. I am taking the plunge and heading to David’s Bridal (against my better judgement and recommendations on The Knot boards) but only because I am label addict and want to try on the White by Vera Wang line.

In all honesty, these “shopping trips” are more “looking trips.” I am trying to get a feel for the fabrics, colors, necklines, silhouettes, and embellishments I like, because the fabulous Faith Annette (my bff since 6th grade, recent SCAD graduate and showcasing at NY Fashion week in September. See her work here and here starting at 2:30 – the pink tights were not her idea) will be making my gown. BUT these consultants don’t need to know that yet!

Last time I was home I visited Bliss Boutique in Brownsburg and fell in love with the Cambridge from the 2010 collection by Blue by Enzoani and the Megan from the Fall 2011 collection by Alyne. Other than the mermaid silhouette, they are pretty much the exact opposite of each other. One is lace and beading all over, and the other is just organza with a simple jeweled belt. I love both, and I think my ultimate decision will depend on the venue (more on that later.)

I have no idea what my dress will end up looking like, but I do know it will be three things:
1. Unique. Originally this qualification was “not strapless/sweetheart cut” but after I tried on a few with that neckline, I realized why it was so popular: it looks REALLY good.
2. Timeless. I don’t want to look at my pictures in three years and think what in the world did I wear?? I experienced this with my prom gowns and vowed to not let it happen again.
3. Fancy Back. Let’s face it, for most of the evening, all people are going to see is the back of your dress. So I want to give them something to look at!

What do you think?

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