This blog is my way to rant, rave, and otherwise share my wedding planning bliss (or so I hope).

My planning situation is a tricky one, but not one that is all that uncommon these days. My fiance and I live in Council Bluffs, Iowa, just across the (rapidly expanding) Missouri River from Omaha, Nebraska. We met at school in Omaha and both work there now. The tricky part is I grew up in Indiana, which is where we will get married because my loud, large, fun-loving family is based here. So if you are looking for reviews of vendors who are good at returning phone calls and emails, this is the blog for you!

Other things to know about me? Hmmm… In sticking with fellow Hoosier David Letterman’s way of sharing, here is the top ten things to know about me:
1. I love puppies. All dogs are puppies, no matter how old they are. Or how big they are. My fiance refers to my two 150+ pound lab chow mixes as monsters and tells me I can’t call them puppies. Whatevs. He doesn’t get it.
2. I love bright colors. My last pair of glasses were bright orange. Enough said.
3. I know as much about sports as I do fashion. And that is to say a lot. I watched football on Saturdays instead of cartoons. My dad wanted a boy. He had two girls first.
4. I am a Harry Potter nerd. Never dressed up, but have been to get every book and see every movie at midnight.
5. I never pay full price for anything. It will eventually go on sale or there is a coupon out there somewhere. Do the work to save the dough.
6. I like french fries. Or american fries. Take your pick. I also like lima beans.
7. I NEVER wear an outfit that doesn’t match. Socks, underwear, pajamas. It always matches. What if your house burns down and it’s the last outfit you own? Think about it.
8. I hate checking voicemails. The last time I got a new cell phone it took me more than a year and a half to activate it. Gah. I hate them.
9. I enjoy baking and cooking. I detest dishes and laundry.
10. Driving the backroads with the windows down and the music blaring is about the best feeling in the world. Second only to knowing I am going to marry my best friend.

Other random things about me can be found on Twitter (@ksnash14) or on my personal blog kellynash.blogspot.com.

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